Peer Leader: Team Specific Responsibilities

Each Peer Leader is a member of a team that make up the larger Peer Leader group. If Peer Leaders are not on a team that they are passionate about, they are encouraged to collaborate with that team and to volunteer to help other teams with some of their initiatives. The following list outlines key components of each team but additional things may be added throughout the year by staff or students: 

Special Projects Team 

  • 5 – 6 hours per week
    • 1.5 hour staff meetings and 3 hours of office hours each week 
    • Tabling and 1:1’s throughout the year for the other possible 2 additional hours
  • Marketing, social media, and communication for the Center’s programs, events, and resources
  • Creating connections and partnerships with student organizations and offices across campus
  • Creating lesson plans for events, workshops, and programs such as:  presentations and workshops requested by campus partners, departments, and student organizations
  • Coordinate with the professional staff to plan events such as the Student Leadership Institute, Change the Status Quo, and LEAD Awards
  • Complete the spring and summer 2021 peer leader training 

Facilitation Team 

  • 5-6 hours per week 
    • 1.5 hour staff meetings each week 
    • 4 hours of prep and facilitation of ELS each week, including facilitating the series
    • Tabling and 1:1’s throughout the year for the other possible 2 additional hours
  • Co-facilitating a leadership certificate each quarter for the Center for Leadership
  • Facilitating requested sessions for campus partners, departments, and student organizations 
  • Complete the spring and summer 2021 peer leader training 

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