Dialogues are intentional spaces for the Cal Poly community to come together to discuss and engage in topics related to leadership through a shared lens or experience. The Center for Leadership acknowledges that on Cal Poly's campus it is often challenging for students to engage in conversations about their personal leadership journey or even what it means to see themselves as leaders.

"Affinity groups offer a platform for voices often relegated to the margins" (Monita K. Bell, 2015, Teaching Tolerance).

We hope that these dialogue spaces will allow students to grow, reflect, and form community with others so they can expand their notions of what it means to lead. If you have a dialogue topic you would like to engage in or to facilitate, please reach out to us at leadership@calpoly.edu.  

Winter 2020 Dialogue - Womxn in Leadership 


About the Dialogue 

Womxn in Leadership is a 3 part sries co-hosted by the Center for Leadership and the Gender Equity Center. Our hope is to create a space for womxn to come together to discuss and deconstruct what it means to be a womxn in leadership. We will be using an intersectional feminist lens and this will be a space for all folkx who identify as womxn to come together. 

UU 217 - Geneder Equity Center

Tuesday - 2/4, 2/18, & 3/3

11am - Noon

* You are welcome to attend any or all dialogues! No RSVP required.



Past Dialogues

Winter 2019: Womxn In P.O.W.E.R.


About the Dialogue 

Womxn in P.O.W.E.R. (Processing Our Worth through Engagement and Reflection) is a biweekly dialogue space hosted by the Center for Leadership for Womxn of Color (WOC) students at Cal Poly. Each week, we’ll take a deep dive into critical topics surrounding WOC students and leaders today, like Leading with an Intersectional Approach, Queer & Trans WOC Leaders, WOC Leaders at Cal Poly, Mindful Self-Care, and more. We’ll watch documentaries, talk to panelists, and engage in wholehearted dialogue and reflection. Womxn in P.O.W.E.R. seeks to offer a familial space for WOC students at Cal Poly. Together, we will highlight and celebrate the incredible work of WOC leaders at Cal Poly and around the world, and facilitate one another’s growth in areas of cultural understanding and leadership development.

Winter Quarter Location & Time:

UU 219

Thursdays, Even Weeks

12pm – 1:30pm

Winter Quarter 2018 Topics & Dates*:

  1. Introduction to the Series (01/17)
  2. Leading with an Intersectional Approach (01/31)
  3. Queer & Trans WOC Leaders (02/14)
  4. Lunch Chat with WOC Leaders at Cal Poly (02/28)
  5. Mindful Self-Care (03/14)

* You are welcome to attend any or all dialogues! No RSVP required.


About The Facilitator

Isheeta Rahman identifies as Bengali-American, and serves as a Graduate Assistant for the Center for Leadership. She is a graduate student in the Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs program at Cal Poly. Isheeta graduated from UC Irvine in 2015, where she studied Political Science, and wrote her senior thesis on the history of Congresswomen in California. Her research in higher education focuses on the experiences of WOC students, and their well-being. In her free time, Isheeta enjoys going to the gym, making music, and playing with her parents’ two cats, Kishmish and Mishti.

Spring 2019: Queering Leadership


About the Dialogue 

Queering Leadership is a three week dialouge series hosted by the Center for Leadership and the Pride Center during April (pride month). Each week we will focus on different topics and creates spaces for all folks to engage is deconstructing and removing historical and current barriers to leadership and empowerment of our LGBTQIA+ communities.

Spring Quarter 2019 Topics & Dates*:

  1. Miss Major Film Screening & Discussion
    Tuesday, 4/9, 6 - 8 PM 
  2. From Allyship to Accomplice
    Monday, 4/15 from 3-5pm in UU 219
  3. Exemplary Practices for Queer Leadership
    Tuesday, 4/23 from 3-5pm in Bldg 52 Rm E22 (the CSA)

* You are welcome to attend any or all dialogues! No RSVP required.

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