2018 SLI Action Plans

The Student Leadership Institute's campus leaders retreat on January 27, 2018, brought 30 student leaders from across campus together to design action plans to increase inclusion on campus. Each of our four groups detailed incredible plans and are working hard to make their visions a reality:


Group 1, "Mustang Mentorship" was our winning group. Mustang Mentorship seeks to pair underrepresented students - first gen, low incoming, and students of color - with mentors at Cal Poly in order to increase a sense of belonging and access to campus resources.


Group 2, sought to utilize students' GE requirements to tackle hate speech. They are seeking to amend curriculum for COMS 101 courses at Cal Poly to focus on understanding hate speech and first amendment rights to give all students the tools to understand their rights and to challenge hate speech.


Group 3, PolyAware, seeks to create a peer-led inclusion and cultural awareness certificate at Cal Poly. This certificate will challenge students to increase their skills and awareness, while demonstrating to others the value of these skills.

Group 4, seeks to make sure students stay connected after WOW. By bringing diverse resources together, this groups hopes to ensure that all students 1) find a connection to a group or organization on campus that will support their identity development and 2) ensure that groups get the support they need to foster healthy identity development at Cal Poly.

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