StrengthsQuest Education

The Center for Leadership leads StrengthsQuest education for students and plans occasional Strengths-based events to help students utilize their “Top 5 Strengths” for academic, personal, leadership, and career success.

Students can also use the Emerging Leaders Series to get help in applying their personal strengths to leadership development and effective group dynamics.

Additionally, the Center for Leadership facilitates StrengthsQuest presentations for students groups, clubs, organizations, teams, and classes to help individuals and groups learn more about their unique Strengths. Visit or email for more information.


  • If you are a new Cal Poly student:
    • You will likely receive a code to take the StrengthsFinder assessment (the assessment that gives you your “Top 5 Strengths”) in August or September.
  • If you entered Cal Poly in Fall 2014 or later:
    • Visit the StrengthsQuest website to sign-in to revisit your Top 5 Strengths. Students should have created accounts with their Cal Poly emails.
    • If you did not take the StrengthsFinder Assessment and would like to, email
  • If you entered Cal Poly before Fall 2014:
    • Visit the StrengthsQuest website to purchase a code for $9.99.


If you have a student group, team, or class and would like the Center for Leadership to help students utilize their strengths, fill out our consultation
request form (below) or email
Visit for more
information about StrengthsQuest 100 and 200 opportunities.

Consultation Request Form
Cal Poly Strengths Website Learn more about StrengthsQuest Additional resources for StrengthsQuest

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