Our Mission

The Center for Leadership supports the development of student leadership and service on campus and in the surrounding community. The center fosters personal growth, determination and self-awareness while providing guidance and inspiration to future leaders through our events and services. The Center for Leadership does not subscribe to a single model of leadership development. We strive to foster holistic leadership education through a variety of programs and resources by focusing on essential leadership competencies and using multiple theories, such as: the SALT model, Social Change Model, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Leadership Identity Development Model, Relational Leadership Model, and Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.


  • Create opportunities for learning and growth grounded in the inherent and necessary connection between leadership, social justice, and action. 
  • Empower students to be leaders, followers, and active members of their communities. 
  • Create pathways to student success and life-long personal skills.
  • Motivate students to develop intellectual, professional, and civic skills.
  • Provide avenues for learn by doing leadership opportunities.
  • Create an opportunity for existing student leaders to connect, share experiences and find a common purpose.


Integrity always

Integrity Always

Uphold and cultivate personal and group values, ethical strength and trustworthiness. With the ability to be comfortable and genuine while having a transparency in values, beliefs, and actions.

Integrity always

Excellence Through Innovation

Unique, unconventional methods practiced with a purpose. Introduction of better solutions to meet dynamic, evolving requirements.

Integrity always

Be Passionate & Relentless

Strengthening drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for leadership. While simultaneously inspiring others to take action and develop.

Integrity always

Personal Courage

Acting for a common good and challenging conflict. Empowering others to develop their own sense of personal courage.

Integrity always

Expect & Embrace Change

Coping with and welcoming change as an opportunity for growth, both internally and externally. Understanding the fluidity of our current society and embracing these changes.

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