The Center for Leadership is excited to offer two mentorship programs for students and alumni to connect and share knowledge and experiences.





1. Mentors for Clubs & Organizations

  • Alumni participants:
    • Former club officers who would like to reconnect with their organization and meet current student officers
    • Mentors should be available for at least three meetings (about 30 minutes each via phone or video).
    • Alumni and students will be connected on an ongoing basis.
  • Student participants:
    • Current club officers who would like to foster relationships with alumni from their organization
  • Goals:
    • Students will build relationships and learn from former club leaders. Alumni will re-connect with their organization and contribute to their community by sharing advice and engaging with current members. 


How do I get started?

  1. Students and alumni should request to join the Center for Leadership program in Cal Poly Career Connections.
  2. Please contact to learn about the matching process and to receive mentorship guidelines. 

2. Mentors for Leadership Certificate Students

Alumni mentors are paired with students enrolled in our Emerging Leaders Series.

  • Alumni participants:
    • Alumni from any professional background are welcome!
    • Mentors should be available for three meetings (about 30 min each via phone or video) over the course of the quarter.
    • Alumni can apply to be a mentor at any point in the year. We match mentors with students in the leadership certificates at the beginning of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
    • Mentors can opt into mentoring each quarter depending on availability.
  • Student participants:
    • Students enrolled in the Emerging Leaders Series will be matched with a mentor at the beginning of the series.
  • Goals:
    • Students will practice relationship-building skills and engage in a dialogue about what leadership can look like. Alumni will share stories and advice and learn about the current Cal Poly student experience.







Leadership Certificate Mentorship Resources


  • Contact to learn more about the Center for Leadership's mentorship offerings.
  • Please note: students and alumni who are not participating in an official mentorship program are still welcome to join the Center for Leadership program in Cal Poly Career Connections.




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