Volunteer to be an Alumni Mentor today!

The Center for Leadership is looking for alumni to serve as mentors, sharing professional knowledge and experience to students completing the Center for Leadership's Emerging and Social Change Leadership Certificates.

Mentors can choose to participate in as many or as few quarters as they would like and do not need to reside in San Luis Obispo to participate.  

Alumni mentors can expect to dedicate 3 - 5 hours over the course of an academic quarter connecting with their mentee through the required 3 alumni-student connections.

  • These connections often happen on the phone since most of our alumni do not live in the San Luis Obispo area. After being paired with a student by the Center for Leadership, students will reach out to schedule a time to connect with their alumni mentor.
  • The mentor program serves to provide mentorship to students (and learning for mentors too) and as a space to practice networking and connecting with individuals they have not met before (an important career preparation skill).

Alumni mentors participate in a 1 hour Zoom training to learn more in depth about the Emerging and Social Change Leadership Certificates, resources available to mentors, and more.

  • The Center for Leadership provides sample questions that align with the topics covered each week in the series so alumni have a starting foundation for their conversations.
  • We do not expect alumni to be experts in leadership (in the Center we believe leadership and learning are life long processes) and students have a facilitator who can support them through any of the more logistical components of the series.
  • Each quarter that alumni opt into being a mentor, they are provided information regarding the updated syllabus.

I am interested! How do I get started?

  1. Request to Join the Program - Center for Leadership - Alumni & Student Leadership Mentoring 
  2. If you are new to alumni mentoring or would like to learn about our new alumni mentoring platform and updates to our curriculum, you can register for an alumni mentor training session - https://forms.gle/zYGpKqBrZ7GRN3KB7

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at leadership@calpoly.edu


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